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The mass accumulation of trash on our side yard left us feeling defeated so naturally we rang up RubbishRemovalKennington. Thankfully once they're done with it nobody could tell how bad it used to be; now my grandbabies can explore and play without worry - thank you kindly for your kind service!

  • Ben N.

Every time I require rubbish removal services, Kennington Rubbish Collectors is the only company I choose - they are incredible!

  • Brian O.

Usually I'm quite nervous whenever it comes time to hire someone to clear out my house contents, but there's no reason to be concerned when I called upon Junk Removal Services Kennington. Not only did they help me out significantly, but they also completed their job fast while tidying up after themselves before departing.

  • Noel Lee

The junk disposal service provided by Rubbish Removal Kennington last week was so damn quick and also really thorough leaving the backyard looking so much neater.

  • T. E. Barker

The rubbish disposal team arrived on time and got to work right away. It was an efficient job completed in super-quick time. Will certainly use Rubbish Removal Kennington again.

  • T. Mack

Hope to use Rubbish Removal Kennington again in the future, their quality of service was excellent and the rubbish removal was first rate.

  • Ken Hollins

Kennington Rubbish Collectors are well worth the money they charge. Their waste clearance service is brilliant-fast and effective.

  • Clem Horne

As a construction company, we've used RubbishRemovalKennington on a regular basis for construction waste removal. If you are in the business, know that they offer a great value, economical rates for all contract accounts. They deal with you fairly, I've never had an issue with the workers or the office/accounts.

  • Barrett J. Dunlop

Hiring the office clearance service from Rubbish Removal Kennington enabled me to get the spacious and clutter free office that I needed. They saved me hours of hard work and I got a great discount offer as well!

  • Katie M.